A day working in the sun

Hey friends and family this is Cady journaling.

Today is our third day in Haiti we had our first work day as we helped work at the Joy in Hope property (Day 1 was Travel; Day 2 was Orientation). Most people were softening up dry soil, lifting rocks and digging them out of the ground. It was a very hot day, the sun blazed down on us as we worked. It was a lot of work but the team and I found it very rewarding and fulfilling. It was neat to see the different culture and the labor many Haitians are expected to do each day to maintain income.  The language barrier makes it difficult but there were a couple of Haitian workers that spoke English as well as Creole. Some people from the team spent many hours down at the beach hanging out with Haitian children that live just down the lane from the Joy in Hope property. They are extremely joyful and long to hold your hand or just hug you. The children here really have such genuine hearts from what I have experienced. We have really enjoyed getting to know Sarah, a midwife (& friend of Nick & Gwenn) that has been supporting our team and spending time with us. We heard her story this evening and got to ask her questions. We are learning a lot each day and seeing the opportunities for God to use us. I am taking in all the culture and atmosphere of Haiti. I have experienced the muddy unpaved roads, the smell of food and garbage, the falling down shacks, people living off of very little resources, seeing tropical plants everywhere, colors of the many flowers, the cars without doors, people who are busy at work, and experiencing the beauty of the land but also the cycle of poverty here. I have formed a love for Haiti after only a couple of days of staying here. I see glimpses of God all over Haiti. I can’t even put to words how beautiful this place is but what I do know that the Lord has put himself in it. Creation waits in eager longing for the Son of God to be revealed. I feel the weight of Gods vision for Haiti. God is broadening my view and giving me a new vision. I feel so grateful and privileged to be here. I am here to observe the hand of God and to actively engage where I can. But I am here as a learner. We are doing well enjoying Haiti and working hard the Lord’s glory. Keep praying for spiritual growth and for God to be glorified through out time here. A couple of team members have been feeling sick and getting very little sleep could you guys please pray for them. We miss you all lots and look forward to returning home in a couple of weeks.

Sincerely, Cady

Ron Dunning Feb 24

Today was our first actual work day on the Joy in Hope property.  We joined the team of about 20 men from the surrounding community that are building the road leading up to the sight where the children’s homes are to be  built in the future, Lord willing.

It is surprising that a land dominated by volcanic rock has as much dirt as this property does, but of course the dirt is filled with rock and is mostly clay. Which makes for some pretty tough digging.  This morning we helped out in a lot of different ways from digging out some large rocks to shoveling and removing dirt from where the road is going in.

This afternoon Duane; Josh; Dan and I manhandled a boulder that was easily a thousand pounds…these rocks are much heavier than they look.  We had to roll this boulder up and over where the roadbed had been dug out.  No easy task.  We then continued following in the path of the other workers digging out rocks of various shapes and sizes that they had bypassed as they were digging up the soil.

Dinner tonight was at a local restaurant just up the road from where we are staying.  It was good to once again experience the culture of Haiti.

There will be a lot of tired people tonight after today.

One request for all the prayer warriors out there is for a strong hedge of protection for the team as we continue our work down here.

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  1. Angela rabey says:

    Hey everyone!

    So good to read your blog. Praying for you all that you’ll endure in the heat and new surroundings! Praying that your muscles will bear up under the weight of all that hard work on the road too!

    So true, Cady, God is always evident, no matter what your situation or

    Blessings everyone – praying for you all! Angela

  2. Jane D. says:

    Thanks for the update Cady and Ron. It sounds like there is a lot of sun, sand, sweat and satisfying work filling your days. We are happy to see the pictures and look forward to more. I will try not to complain about the snow and ice here. We are praying for the team, you can be sure of that!

  3. TJ Walter says:

    Good work, guys! God gave you guys servant hearts for sure!

  4. James Small says:

    So good to hear the update Cady! It’s so exiting to hear about already what God’s been teaching you over in Haiti. It’s a bummer to hear some people are getting sick, I’m praying for them. I’m praying for you and the whole team especially as you were mentioning the contrast between the beauty and brokenness in the country of Haiti. I’m also glad to hear you are enjoying spending time with the children over there. One thing I have experienced, and I’m sure you are experiencing is that kids are very similar across cultures, they just want someone to play with them, to hug them, give them piggy-back rides! To love them. Keep up the good work! Keep on relying on Him for your strength. I’m praying for you, for Toby and for the whole team! :)

  5. Jennifer Jukema says:

    Thanks for the updates. What a way to make a road!
    Yes, we will continue to be praying for you all for health, strength, sleep at night and protection!

  6. Greg Taylor says:

    Excellent update we will all pray

  7. Suzanne Taylor says:

    Praying for protection.

  8. Benjamin Day says:

    Hey roomie (aka Ron Dunning)! 1000lbs? Are you getting soft? Last time we were down there, you would have easily moved that all by yourself. :) I would have liked to help you guys out with that hard work you did today……..well on second thought……..not really!

    I have to be honest, I think of you guys every day, and pray for your health and safety.

    For those of you that are sick, you can take some advice from Adam “Explosive” Taylor. He had the most “Experience” in that department last time :p

    Good night
    Benjamin Day

  9. Kyra Buchanan says:

    So glad to hear the update. It’s too bad that some of you aren’t feeling great. I hope it’s nothing serious and that everyone gets back to feeling 100%. Youth group last night was very lonely without the teenagers in the group. I miss you all. I’ll keep praying for you.
    Love Kyra <3

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