A tour of Jacmel

Today was another beautiful day in Haiti. Not too hot outside and sun shining the whole day. We did a walking tour of downtown Jacmel this morning to see the history surrounding this amazing place. First we stopped in at the orphanage where Gayly (our driver) grew up in, which is called The Trinity House. It was quite a nice place with a basketball net in the middle, and we were lucky enough to say hi to a class of young children doing work. It was really cool to see where Gayly spent his time growing up and to hear stories of what happened there, as it continues to provide a safe place for children in need.  We visited many artisan shops in Jacmel, and every single one had tons of giant animal masks used in Carnival not too long ago. After seeing many of these old buildings, some falling apart and others very colourful, it is just crazy to see how different Haiti is compared to Canada. Once we finished the tour, we went to get some bbq chicken.  It was delicious and the lady at the restaurant cranked up some nice Haitian tunes while we were waiting and was singing along.  Everybody we meet is very friendly and they are content and happy even in some of their circumstances.

We finished up and headed for the beach with the Mangine kids to play with them, go swimming, and get to know them a little more. The beach was amazing and the water was perfect. We played Frisbee with Eve and Jerry first while some of the girls helped the younger kids go swimming. It was a lot of fun to see the kids enjoying themselves with us. We all tried some coconuts on the beach and looked at more paintings and bracelets being sold. This one guy who sold me a few things at the jobsite was convinced that he was going to sell me some paintings-so when we showed up at the beach, sure enough he came ten minutes after. He came up to me and said it was happy hour and that he would give a good deal. Unfortunately for him, I didn’t buy anything from him so he up and left. After hanging out with the kids at the beach, we decided to pack it in and get ready for dinner, but before any of that, little Schneider decided to have a little fun.  Josh decided to pick him up to carry him to the truck, and then realized once he got there that Schneider peed all over him. Needless to say I avoided Josh until we got back to the hotel.

For dinner, we had some spicy spaghetti and wieners. It was another great meal, not too-too spicy but I’m sure my dad’s forehead would be shiny from it. Thanks Meghan for your comments and for everybody reading these blogs. We miss you all and will continue to update you. We are all super excited about Haitian Church and Church on the Beach tomorrow.

Goodbye for now.


The streets of downtown


at the beack with the kids


Hey everyone,

I would first off like to thank everyone who comments to us. You have no idea how encouraging it is for us to hear from the ones who love us the most! More importantly I just wanted to say to Kyle that I love and miss you tons and cant wait to see you! Just don’t forget to give my dog her pills haha!

Now onto the good stuff!.. So today we had the opportunity to tour around down town Jacmel with Gayly, he is 22 years old and a friend of Nick and Gwen who has been driving us around.  Its so cool to have someone else tour us around so that we get their own perspectives on the city. We were able to go into the orphanage called Trinity House, where Gayly grew up to get away from the potential for life in a gang in one of the rougher neighbourhoods in Port au Prince.   For those who followed us and heard about the other orphanage last year, this one was much different. Instead of just a one story building that was just packed full of children and beds this one was 3 stories that had just about everything any child would want to do. When we were there it was study time so we didn’t really get to hang out with the kids. 

While walking around we got to stop into all different kinds of shops, this one we looked in has these very cool looking merockas and yes Kyle I bought myself one, just think about ALL the fun you have to look forward to lol! The coolest thing about going to all these shops is seeing the different way these artist look at life in a creative way. 

Then in the afternoon we got to go to Raymond Family beach with the Mangine kids, I have almost got all the names and faces memorized, lets hope I can remember it. I had a great opportunity to hang out with Fritzy (the oldest Haitian child in the Mangine home; she’s 18, so just a year younger then me) she was a blast, when we got to talking I learnt that she and I have a lot in common like Justin Bieber she knows who he is! She was telling me about what she wants to be when she’s older and how much she is thankful for her family and all the little things that we take for granted like school. She is just so bright and beautiful I cant wait until we get to see them all again!

Anyways that’s all for me.


On the roof of the orphanage

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  1. Meghan Palmer says:

    Wow sounds like you guys have had yet another wonderful day I’m Haiti! I love the photos that are being posted and just to see so much beauty where you are! You guys are very lucky to be experiencing this wonderful place and the lifestyle of the Haitians! I so happy to hear that everyone is doing well and that you are all learning something truly special from God himself! Enjoy the Haitian Church today! I can’t wait to read all about that! It looks so peaceful and gorgeous! Enjoy! Stay safe be strong and ill continue to pray for each and everyone of you! Continue your wonderful journey and follow what The Lord continues to show you each and everyday your there!
    Be careful with that spicy food Daniel! Haha and I hope Josh is smelling better now with the pee all washed off.. That will teach you to mess with Schneider haha!
    Miss you!

  2. Greg Taylor says:

    Hi team – love the pictures and the notes about all you are doing its great to see God at work in every situation

  3. Adam's mom says:

    It’s great to see all the wonderful things that are happening there. It’s amazing to hear how the Haitian people seem to maintain a positive attitude in spite of their circumstances.
    Adam, Havoc misses you, he’s driving me crazy!! We look forward to the daily updates and pictures, they help keep us connected. Continue to be safe and keep up the good work.
    We miss you and can’t wait to see you when you get home. And believe it or not I am getting some sleep. Haha.

    Love Mom and Dad

  4. Kyle Painter says:

    Sounds like i shouls probly run now!!.. Im only kidding! Sounds like your having fun!! I miss you alot too katie and love you so much!!! Dont worry about amber she is just fine and she is getting her pills!! Its hard not having you around i always seem to have only dirty clothes in my basket lol, but i hope you are having fun and i cant wait to see you at the air porte i got a bog surprise for when you get back to canada!!!!! Dont worry emily your
    Boy friends doing fine i think hea built a relationship with the dog now. Love you sooo much katie and cant wait to have you home!!!!

  5. Jean Taylor says:

    Good morning! The blogs are great – keep writing. A reminder today -
    God does not want your’s – HE WANTS YOU! I am thanking God that you all listened and are in Haiti giving your time and energies in sharing Jesus. He is there with you too – hour by hour. Blessings!

  6. Janey Bordihn says:

    Love these blogs guys – you are having such a wide and varied and rich experience there! Can’t wait to hear how all this impacts your hearts and minds. Daniel, for a guy who said he wouldn’t blog and doesn’t like writing, that was a pretty long blog with animated language – super cool?! So different from your one word texts :). Keep laughing and eating that spicy food! Praying you all continue to be safe and well and experience God in everything you do.
    With love and blessings,

  7. Jane D. says:

    Again, the blogs and photos are great. You have no idea how many times I go to the blog page throughout the day to see if there is a new one! Nicole, I hope you don’t mind that I posted the photo of you and Schneider onto your FB wall. Your friends and family have been “liking” it. I see now that a few other people I love are missing from the group shot. I hope that is because they are busy elsewhere, or maybe taking the photo …. our small group will pray tonight for the team (even though I know they have been all week), and we will be sure to pray for everyone’s health and strength.

    Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

  8. Erin & Ben says:

    Hi Nana, we miss you! Hope you are having a good time! See you soon,love&kisses, Ben & Erin xoxo

  9. Glenn Cavanagh says:

    Josh, No trip really is complete until you get peed on! that did make us all LOL! Guess it is laundry day for you!! Haha
    like others have said, we all are hooked on the updates and we love hearing everyone’s perspectives and how God is tugging at hearts and using each one of you! Soak it all in! Um, maybe minus the pee.. :)
    Mom says she is excited to hear about the Haitian church experience as she so vividly recalls worshipping in Uganda and there is nothing like it!
    Bless you all.

  10. May God, Our Loving Heavenly Father, continue to bless the Team and its dedicated Leaders in the wonderful work you are doing and the blessing you are to the people in Haiti with whom you are building relationships. You continue to be in our daily prayers, along with our beloved Grandson Josh.

    You are also a blessing to your families and friends and sponsors and those who are praying for you on the home front – through your inspirational blogs! It is so important to share your experiences with those here at home who feel they are there, at least in spirit, experiencing something of your emotions and reflections through your vivid daily descriptions.

    Notice what your families and supporters back home are saying in their responses to your blogs:
    Jennifer Jukema says: “Adam and Sherri, thanks for all your specific details on your travels.”
    Cheryl says: “Write. Photograph. Capture some of this experience and bring it home.”
    Kait J says: “Can’t wait to read more updates!”
    Kathy says: “Thanks so much for making an effort to post each day …. It is our lifeline to you all! I make sure I get up early enough to read about your day before I head off to work.”
    Glenn Cavanagh says: “The updates have been delightful to read and we almost feel like we are there.”
    Amanda Maloney writes: “Thanks so much for your posts, especially coming from so many different people/perspectives.”
    Jane D says: “These blogs are fantastic! I trust I will soon hear about the ladies moving 1000 lb rocks and the men getting rainbow pedicures … just to be fair.”
    Gray and Esme Cavanagh say: Your blogs are a blessing to the members of your Church, all who are praying for you, to your family members, to the Christian community and the Kingdom of God. You plant the seed, and God will cause the seed to grow (1 Corinthians 3:6-7).

    With love and prayer for all the Team — Gray and Esme Cavanagh

  11. Duane says:

    Thank you to all the team members who have blogged so far. The perspective that you are sharing with your friends and family really helps us understand the things you are experiencing. The pictures are great, and give us a visual perspective. Thank you for all your hard work.

  12. Suzanne Taylor says:

    I love the pictures and descriptions of your experiences.

  13. Jessica Agnew says:

    Hey there Haiti team! I’d like to echo the thanks for taking the time to write about all your experiences in the past week! My heart is so encouraged and blessed by your obedience to a) bring the kingdom to where you are in whatever capacity you can and b) allow your hearts to be changed, moulded and stretched by our God. I am always so blown away by the things that God can accomplish through obedient hearts. I wish that I had of been able to join you all on this trip, but know that I (and so many others) have been praying for you every day since you’ve been gone.

    I am excited to see what God has in store for you this week! Be sure to include as many details as you are able, so I can try to live vicariously through you all!

    Press on good and faithful servants, press on. — Jess

  14. Hardy Bordihn says:

    Daniel, Great post. It was great to reading that you and the others are having such a great time. Hey, what’s with the “shiny forehead” comment? :)

    I really look forward to hearing all about your trip when you get home.

    I hope by now that Josh’s shirt got all cleaned. That was funny.

  15. Alice Jukema says:

    What a blessing you all are both there in Haiti and also to the families watching and praying for all of you! A beautiful link that keeps us connected!
    Our constant prayers for each of you! Love from Mom Jukema

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