Hello everyone,

So nice to tell you a little bit about my experience this time in Haiti. We have been very blessed with warm sunny weather, sometimes very hot when there is no wind, frequent drinks of water and sitting in the shade refresh’s us. The property where we work each day is so beautiful, as you have seen in the pictures. As I was wheeling each wheelbarrow up the hill to where we were dumping the dirt from the roadway, I looked up to see the palm trees, and the ocean with various colours of blues, aqua and whitecaps. It made my task so much more enjoyable each time as I approached the hill to the beach. God sure does paint beautiful scenes and then he puts us there to admire them. Looking around I can also see mangoes hanging from several trees, coconut trees (sometimes loud cracks as coconuts fall onto the ground), and red, pink and white flowers hanging on trees or shrubs. There are Goats calling for their kids and cows wandering freely looking for some greener grass. As I walked back to the work-site, I saw Ron pushing a full wheelbarrow with one of the local boys having a free ride, next thing I see there are three boys pushing Ron in the wheelbarrow back to the roadway.

I am enjoying getting to know each person on this trip and the different personalities and how each person expresses their love of Jesus. It is great to share this beautiful country with each other and to discuss our cares and concerns for the Haitians.

How are the prayer chains children?

Please pray for good health and for God to open our hearts to see how we can be effective here and how we can love these people as Jesus loves us.

God bless, Janet

Hello everybody Alex reporting in from the beautiful and exotic country of Haiti. Today the crew went to the worksite today, it was yet another scorching hot day. Nonetheless we tried our best to find work alongside the Haitian workers who manage to always take it all. While doing so we learned a valuable lesson, to acknowledge language barriers and not to assume anything by it, as the Haitian workers words of support and encouragement were misconstrued and were thought by the girls to be not welcomed on the worksite; This issue was quickly resolved, and we were working together as a well oiled multicultural team.  With that being said today wasn’t all that exciting but nevertheless every moment here helping the people to develop and grow relationships with the people of Haiti is worth it.        With love, Alex.

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  1. Jean Taylor says:

    Good morning! As some of you will be teaching VBS this week I decided to share a touch of humor. “A father was approached by his small son who told him proudly, “I know what the Bible means!” His father smiled and replied, “What do you mean, you ‘know’ what the Bible means?’ The son replied, “I do know!” “Okay.” said his father, “What does the Bible mean?” “That’s easy, Daddy…” he replied excitedly, “it stands for ‘Basic Information Before Leaving Earth.” As you share this INFORMATION with the kids I will be praying that God will open hearts to His love and seek Him. Blessings.

  2. Kathy says:

    Good Morning all!

    Thanks Janet and Alex for sharing your day yesterday with us and also thank you to whichever one of you is responsible for the great photos. Janet your description of the scenery is wonderful, it really helps me imagine what you are experiencing every time you look up! Thanks also for the story about Ron and the wheelbarrow. I have never been to Haiti but I am getting a feel for the people’s hearts as I hear stories like this.
    Alex, thanks for sharing the information about cultural/language lessons as it is crucial to do your best to connect and understand the people you are working with.
    I hope you all have a great day today with not too much heat as you think of us facing another winter snowstorm with about 30 cms predicted today and tomorrow!

  3. Greg Taylor says:

    God bless you each day thanks for the updates they are helpful in showing us what to pray for

  4. Cheryl says:

    What a great feeling I had when I read your post, Janet! I felt your humour at the situation and the fun the kids and Ron were having! Also, I can completely understand how hard trudging uphill with a full and heavy wheelbarrow is, and when you described the scene that God had waiting for you at the top… well, that’s just awesome! A rejuvenating moment each time!
    Alex, good for you for noticing that transforming linguistic moment! Sometimes, little “nothing really” moments are lost when unnoticed and it really is a big accomplishment. You can find God working in small, but meaningful ways and for you to have noticed is a great thing!
    Great pictures of candid on-the-spot moments! Really brings the emotions home!

  5. Appreciate the updates Janet & Alex! May you continue to capture glimpses of God at work in his handiwork, and in your everyday interactions.
    BTW….is that Ann I see pushing a wheelbarrow?? You go Girl! Praying for you everyday. Luv ‘ya!

  6. Jessica Agnew says:

    I’m so glad that despite the fact that the work is hard you are all finding beauty and joy in it! Reminds me of Mary Poppins: “For every task that must be done, there is an element of fun. Find the fun, and SNAP the job’s a game” Sounds like the kids there are your spoonfulls of sugar!

    I just want you all to know that your hard work reaches all the way back to Canada. I’ve been able to share with the people I work with all that you are doing there, and your light shines brightly even here in Guelph! I have had show a couple girls a map to show them where Haiti was to assure them it was not next to Kenya. But they now know more than they did a week ago. Only 6 days left!! Make em count ;)

  7. John Penonzek says:

    Hi All

    It’s great to read all your stories of what is happening on your trip. Could someone take a picture of Gord and Duane . This way I know Gord is really there.

  8. Benjamin Day says:

    Ron Dunning . I really think you need to break out of your shell and interact a little more with the locals! :) I admire your positive outlook, and your contagious love for the Haiti people. I feel that you are a strong role model, and an asset to what Valley View is trying to achieve in Haiti.

    Duane. You are achieving great things with this team. Valley View should be proud to be associated with a youth pastor like yourself. Keep up the good work and continue to bring out the best in your team. It is hard work, but you seem to have the ability to pull it altogether.

    My prayers are with you guys.
    Benjamin Day

  9. Jennifer Jukema says:

    Thanks for the great perspective Janet! God is so good!

    Hope you have all had a great day today and that you continue to have energy, strength and health as you head into the last part of your trip. We’re praying everyday and the boys are praying for you each by name (including Joel who keeps looking at your pictures on our fridge and randomly picks one of you out and says your names all day long!).

  10. Erin & Ben says:

    Hi nana, we still miss you and are counting down the loops left on the prayer chains!! Today is a snow day. Erin is home with a low fever but Ben went to school to enjoy some snowy fun!! Hope you are having fun in the sun!!

    Love and kisses,
    Ben & Erin xoxo

  11. Angela rabey says:

    Hi guys!
    What a blessing to read your daily blogs. Janet I really enjoyed your wonderful descriptions of the ocean, the colours, the flowers! Made me a bit homesick for Jamaica.
    I’m keeping you all daily in my prayers.
    God bless and keep you all safe in body, soul and spirit!

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